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The massive development of public transportation has helped increase the popularity of commuting lifestyle. As more and more people switching from private cars to public transportation, amplified by the rapid growth in technology of mobile devices, mobile content is now the supernova. Everyday, people are looking into their phone screen. In the streets, in their commute, in the shelter, even while driving. in the end of 2018, it was recorded that 80% of traffic coming to websites are from the mobile devices. Meaning, no matter how big you are offline, if you are not able to serve your content through mobile devices, you already lost 80% of the market.

Mobile users are ruthless. They are used to living in a fast paced environment, and that includes how they perceive information and process them. That is why it is vital to provide a seamless customer experience in your app.

What differentiates an app with a website in terms of usage? It’s in its purpose. A website tells user information while the user browse. Hence the term ‘browser’ is used for an app that opens a website. In the other hand, an app has a list of tasks for its user to do.

Another core difference is its engagement process. Everyone can open a browser and type an address to access a website. But to open an app, a user needs to first download the app to their phone. While getting someone to open a website in their browser is already quite challenging, requiring them to download an app into their device is in another level of challenge.

In drife, we analyse these challenges to ensure that an app serves just the right purpose. We put not only user needs, but also their willingness to download, into the equation.


Crafting a Great User Experience

What makes an app powerful? How do we set measurement for a mobile application? We measure an app success via its ability to convey its targeted users. And to carry this mission, a correct sets of experience is to be architected that when the users use the app, not only will they be able to accomplish the tasks that we expect them to accomplish, but also giving them the feeling of completeness, that the app is actually helping them achieving something that they wouldn’t be able to achieve without it. Such experience is what makes users want to use an app, and return to repeat the process over and over again.

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