Paid Advertising

Paid advertising is one of the most effective way for you to reach as many potential customers as possible. In addition to guarantee you quantity advantage, you can also adjust the quality of your audience, by targeting specific demographics to show your products.

What can we do with Paid Advertising Services?

Imagine if you only rely on billboard advertising as your marketing strategy. Maybe it could make people, whoever they are, notice your ad. But also, maybe not. You will never know, nor be able to evaluate whether your content is already in line with the market habits. This surely won’t happen if you advertise on the internet.

Market Segmentation

While selling your product and service to all users might sound like a good marketing strategy, focusing to a more specific user group will have a lot more impact to your campaign. Much like the conventional marketing, you won’t speak the same language with teenagers as you will with elderlies. In search engine marketing, you will need to know these languages as well, for such languages are what they are using to type their search queries in Google. By segmenting your user, we’ll know what keywords that they are using the most and how to show our products in websites they visit most often.

Keyword Targeting

An ineffective keyword can cost you your whole marketing budget within a very short time. We use tools provided by Google themselves and some other helping tools to help determine which keywords to target and for how long. The process is not instant, for we will have to analyse carefully according to your marketing campaign needs and who the target market are. This will eventually lead you to a specific insight of your target market, including what terms that they are searching for and which website they are visiting or what app they are using.

Why should you use this service?

Should you get a partner?

  • Very targeted demographics
  • More effective cost management
  • Ultra fast results
  • Track your audiences’ activity
  • Easiest way to turn your audience into customers
If you need a quick and guaranteed results, then there is no reason not to use professional services. You will save huge amount of time and money since you don’t need to learn nor train your employees from the start to master the advertising strategy. As a partner, Drife will offer you a specific and suitable strategy to help your business stands out from the crowd. With a constantly updated tools and knowledge, we ensure that 100% of your budget will be used effectively.



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