UiPath RPA

The sophistication of RPA can mimic how you work with a computer. It can do everything, from opening applications to automatically working using data from various available platforms.

With such intelligence, RPA can help you in doing repetitive work. This, of course, allows you to allocate more of your precious time to do the work that really requires creativity and the human mind. You also don’t need to bother making changes to the application you are using, since the RPA has the same capability and user rights as people.

To provide you the best RPA quality, Drife partnered with UiPath, the world leader in automation software. Trust your automation only on the hands of experts. 

We got you!

UiPath RPA Capabilities

  • Copy & paste
  • Move files and folders
  • Extract and process structured and semi-structured data
  • Read and scrape PDF’s, emails, documents or forms
  • Read and write databases
  • Scrape web data
  • Make calculations

Tangible Benefits from RPA

Boost Company Productivity

By using RPA, you can direct your employees to do other things that are more productive. That’s more profitable than paying them to do what a robot can do.

Amazing Data Accuracy

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) works completely in accordance with the instructions given, so the work you will receive will be consistent.

Goodbye for a Big Cost
By using RPA, you can cut your work costs by up to 80% and get your return on investment (ROI) in less than 12 months.
Fast and Furious
RPA can also work non-stop and without making mistakes. You can supervise and have full control to avoid the risk of errors or substandard work. Imagine the level of productivity that you can achieve with an adjusted number of robots.

Super Scalable

RPA operations can be massively scaled-up very easily. It could be applied on any business sectors and is not limited by differences in locations nor industries.

When do you need RPA?

  • When you need to be more productive.
  • When you have to do a lot of tasks that need access of many programs in your computer
  • When your company needs to operate 24/7
  • When you need your employees to do other tasks which are more important and challenging

"Could RPA really help my industry?"

The major benefit of RPA is optimizing repetitive tasks in order to give you the chance to do more interesting, challenging, and beneficial ones. 

Hence, any industry that you manage will benefit from using RPA.

Why should you trust DRIFE?

  • DRIFE has an amazing track record and experiences for the past 10 years 
  • DRIFE has become a GOLD level partner with UiPath, the best RPA in the world
  • DRIFE has proven its excellence to big companies on various industries such as finance, banks, and insurances.
  • DRIFE treats its clients as the very first priority.
  • DRIFE guides and makes it easy for clients to manage RPA in their businesses.
  • DRIFE is always ready to serve. Whenever, wherever.

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