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Balitower is a leading telecommunication infrastructure provider in Bali.

The company was a pioneering provider of tower equipped with integrated transmitting facilities both through fiber optic and wireless technology.The portfolio is based on several aspects which are but not limited to, the building of telecommunication tower according to operator’s needs (built to suit), also including site acquisition and tower construction on potential locations. Along with the evolving needs of operators in Indonesia as the tower lessee, this has significantly increased the ratio of collocation.


Bali tower has three big runway operation and every step on the operation has a different challange. In the survey location operation, validation data and time efficiency are they key to create a nice survey and make the location ready to construct. In constraction operation, time process when create report from photo documentation will take more time if process manually. After all the process Bali tower will sell or rent the available site to client.


On their continuous mission to broaden their reach across the nation, they require a modernization in terms of their way of doing the business. The solution for this challenge includes:

  1. RF Survey App

    RF (Radio Frequency) is the division in charge of determining the coordinate for future BTS tower. The App consist of a front end android app with corresponding back-end desktop app. The app was created to help location surveyor to determine the best location for tower erection. Based on predetermined nominals, surveyor will make a report based on the course of action of the application.The app equipped with a map integrated with offline GPS system as well as nodes of areas that are subjects of survey. The surveyor usually required to determine three candidates for each nominal to determine which is most suitable. On the each candidates, surveyor will be required to take some mandatory photos with the in-app camera. These photos consist of 360° panoramic picture of the surrounding area, electrical company cable lines, obstructions in certain perimeter, etc. These photos then will be sent as a full report along with any area remarks added by surveyor.In the back-end, the admins will judge whether each nominal has any promising candidates. After such sorting, preferred candidates will be sent to corresponding department for erection.

  2. CME Survey App

    Similar with the RF Survey App, the app has a series of steps requires to survey a certain location. Just in this app, the mission is to determine each candidates are actually suitable for erection by CME (Civil Mechanical Engineering).So before the contractors come to erect a tower, documentations will be made to help determine which candidates will be actually built and which will be first.

  3. BTS Online Procurement System

    The Online Procurement System is a web-app dedicated for telco operator to find BTS tower slot for their aerial. In the overview, users can view the whole BTS tower location across the country according to google maps–ready for service or under construction–so they can choose which fits their needs best. After selecting each spot, user will be able to determine what kind of equipment and specification they would have for their aerials. The app summarizes the cost of their procurement plan to be later reviewed by respective procurer based on their price package.The summary will then be sent to BTS marketing department to be followed up.