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Auto2000 is one of the major, if not the largest, Toyota distributor in Indonesia. They are craving for a refreshment for their website as well as their digital presence. Our previous solutions consists of beautiful pictures of their showroom that looked something like this:


Along with some more pictures showing their captivating workshop and their comfortable (yes, comfortable, not cozy, it was way beyond cozy) waiting rooms.

At the time, Auto2000 was undergoing a rebranding. They were renewing their branding and revamping their workshops and showrooms. It was important to them that the website sing along the same tune. But that was two years past. The old, boring, conservative, Auto2000 image in our heads has long forgotten and replaced by the all new, refreshed, shiny, and friendly vibe of the new Auto2000. Thus, the website has served its original function.

Auto2000 now craves for a fresh-looking, user-friendly, and content-rich website, which (as always) not only good in the eye but also easy to navigate. Of course, to do this, we need to rebuild the whole website.

The first challenge appeared when we start to remap the contents. Being around for two years or so, the website is currently rich by updated contents from news, events, and new products. We started migrating the whole database and sort all the contents before we develop the new pages. It involves a lot of QA and bug-fixing, but we managed. Then came the integration with their mobile app, product management, accessories management, car parts management, not to mention the many forms that have to be optimised to avoid user confusion.

Come visit the finished project at here

Along with the new look, we also helped Auto2000 to gather more audiences using ads placement. Incorporating the incoming traffic with corresponding landing page, they have gained 50% conversion out of the promised 10%. In the end of November 2015–2 months after the website launched, Auto2000 have sealed more than 3000 transaction solely from the website traffic.