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Sinarmas MSIG Life
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Drife was a digital partner for Sinarmas MSIG Life’s for two terms. The scope of work includes building and managing their digital presence as well as their social media personality.

  1. Digital PresenceSinarmas MSIG Website was crafted upon two standpoint: being a home destination for all of their digital campaigns; and function as leads gatherer for their product. The two must delivers with a catch: no hard-selling attitude. Our approach begins with an audience screening test. The test consists of a series of questions for the audience, delivered in short, simple phrases with very few answers in multiple choice, making sure the audiences complete the screening with as small bounce rate as possible. At the end of the test, audiences will be presented with a list of products that are considered fit to their result. Interested customers will be given a form to be filled and sent to their marketing department to be followed up.The leads generated from the form will be injected to newsletter services that are managed by their marketing team.
  2. Social Media PersonaDrife manages Sinarmas MSIG’s social media accounts from editorial copywriting to press release live report. The social media also acts as the first line customer service in cooperation with their internal customer service team.