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BNI 46
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BNI46, one of the largest bank in Indonesia, have built their own social media in a form of internal website called BNI KnowMe. The social media comprised of internal news, knowledge-base, training materials, etc. Over the years, with so many contents added in separate works by different PIC, the website encounters doom. The interface was crammed with unsorted contents, causing confusion and extreme bounce rate. Not to mention the low number of traffic that dropped gradually. The trouble emerged when the

Drife come with a refreshment. Not only in content placement but also a new engine for the framework. The process comprise the full tear down of the old website, sorting it out in raw database format and convert it to understandable format for the new functioning engine, remapping each and every content to their respective directories and usability test on the finished work.


The new functionality includes:

  1. Social media timeline with comments and likes.
  2. News and articles with categories and tags.
  3. Gallery page that supports rich media.
  4. Modern simplified design for a fresh new look.
  5. Integration with internal employee database for data collection; and
  6. Integration with custom built knowledge-base and training system.